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MAPE Group is a company accredited by COFRAC in conformity assessment and certification. Our services reduce your risks & environmental impacts and give you increased productivity through efficient control of your technical timeout.


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Essais / Accréditation n°1-1678 et 1-1677. Étalonnage / Accréditation n°2-1845 et 2-1846


Why work with MAPE ?


MAPE Group is today a real expert in all of its fields of of activities.


Each of its skills centers is composed by qualified specialists and experimented engineers. These people work together to find solutions to anwer strongly to customers request : technical quality, short deadline, commitments.


Our know-how allow us to bring to our cutomers the legal conformity  imposed by standars forces and by the same time, improve your competitiveness


MAPE Quality



Since its establishment in 1991, the MAPE Group ambition is the full satisfaction of its customers.

Our system of quality management framed by the NF EN ISO/CEI 17 25 and the referencial LAB REF 30 is the driving force of this ambition. In our opinion it is a valuable tool that we use to continuously improve our internal operations and thereby the quality of our service to our customers.


New public inquiry


A public inquiry is launched as part of the evision of standards PR NF EN 14644-1 and PR NF EN 14644-2.

It will end in October 2014 in France and November 2014 to International


Group MAPE is sponsoring the Laurent Viana Citroën DS3 WRC, pilot of the Vosges Rally the 20 Septembre.

A lasting partnership


Partner of Handball Soultz Bollwiller since 12 years, the MAPE Group gives its support & encourage the ten teams of the club for the new season!


Senior Team 1
Senior Team 1