Indoor Air Quality

Nurseries and schools

MAPE group helps you in your regulatory controls related to Decree No. 2011-1728.

Some properties open to the public are subject to a monitoring air quality.

3 pollutants are concerned:

  • Formaldehyde: indoor pollution
  • Benzene: outdoor pollution
  • Carbon dioxide: confinement index

MAPE is accredited LAB REF 30 ( for sampling strategies and analysis and is able to fully respond to this kind of need.

MAPE Solution

  • Evaluation of the aeration means

  • Completion of a review of the air quality:

                  - Formaldehyde and other aldehydes

                  - Screening of VOCs

                  - Humidity

                  - Containment

                  - Temperature

                  - Bacteriology

                  - Radon

                  - Aerodynamics Review

  • Thorough diagnosis for exceeding the limit values

  • Proposition technical solution and Action Plan

  • Emergency situation in the Indoor Air Quality :

                  - Sick building syndrome management

                  - Passive and dynamic Levies