Workplace Air

A need


When a pollutant is emitted by an activity or a workstation, the Labour Code fix pollutant concentration limits should not be exceeded.

Aeration and sanitation controls of workplaces are necessary too.  


  • Regulatory control
  • Application for CHSCT
  • Air quality control
  • Institutions demand (medicine)
  • Control following a gene or complaint (accident, leakage ...)

Our experts measure and analyze all types of nuisance (odor, temperature, humidity) and then recommend and implement preventive or remedial solutions (sanitation) to make your local compliance.

MAPE Solutions

Interventions in many areas: food industry automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical ...

  • Elaboration of the sampling strategy and homogeneous exposure groups

  • Sampling and analysis:

                                   - Organic Compounds

                                   - Mineral Compounds

                                   - Inhalable and alveolar dust in aerosol form

                                   - Gases and vapors

  • Regulatory Compliance Statements


  • Unregulated periodic monitoring plans


  • Aeration sanitation means control requested by the Labour Inspection (B, C and D)


  • Initial visit (development references folders), periodic checks


  • Intervention and expertise on accidental contamination zone, proposed local sanitation solution