Cleanrooms & equipments

Qualification, validation, control

Our experts work in a flexible and organized ways for qualifying your cleanrooms and appliances, in optimal time for productivity gains.


  • Cleanrooms
  • Laminar flow hoods
  • PSM
  • Ceilings blowing
  • Isolators, operative block
  • Containment zone L2, L3
  • Laboratory hoods and air recycling ç
  • Chemical hoods
  • Articulated arm
  • Ventilated cabinets


MAPE solutions


  • Leak detection on absolute filters
  • Air volume flow rate and flow homogeneity
  • differential pressure
  • Particulate counts at rest and activity
  • Recovery Time
  • Relative temperature and humidity
  • Visualization of air flow at rest and during activity
  • Surface Aerobiocontamination and biocontamination



Visual inspection

Relative temperature and humidity

Frontal Air speed

Extract air volume flow rate

Visualization of airflow

SF6 test containment