MC3S skills

Study, Design, Realize

Our actions

Audit and state of play facilities (measure - technical analysis - balance sheets)

Strict compliance with hygiene regulations at the workplace and atmospheric emissions

Control of operating costs of facilities

Technical solutions adapted to the customer's process

Services MC3S Advice


Treatment of oil mist

Audits and recommendations of aeraulic systems

Treatment of VOC


Maintenance, technical assistance and advice

Aeraulic and thermal measurements and reports

Industrial dedusting and centralized aspiration

Welding fumes  and exhaust gas aspiration

Environmental Diagnosis


Our means

Our offer

5 areas of expertise:

  • Research department
  • Logistics - Supply Chain
  • Project Management
  • Business Monitoring
  • Methodology

Our research department is composed of engineers and technicians experienced in mechanical design and aeraulic, these skills give us the opportunity to deal with any problems associated with facilities.

Our team is always looking for new technical solutions, innovation is one of our priorities.

We have developed within the group a monitoring unit focused on two aspects: technological and regulatory.

The monitoring tool allows us to be more responsive to the market and anticipate regulatory changes in a continued improvement of our services and especially the adequacy of resources used.



We recruit high-value profiles to build our teams and meet the expectations of our customers. The individual is the center of our management concern:

  • Career Development
  • Sustainability teams
  • Capitalization of know how

Interventions in multiple sectors

  • Energy
  • Rail transport
  • Defense
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Tertiary
  • ...